Albanian cardiologist: There are over 2,500 infected children with Covid

schedule11:21 - 23 Shkurt, 2021

schedule 11:21 - 23 Shkurt, 2021

Dr. Nevruz Caushaj, a cardiologist at the American Hospital, stated that the coronavirus infect everyine despite any age, as more than 2,500 children have been infected at the Pediatric Hospital Center.

Invited to “ABC e Mëngjesit”, he said the virus does not select age and the number of normal deaths is higher.

“The increase in deaths from Covid was expected, as the people infected with Covid were people with chronic diseases or pathologies. Normally the number of deaths was expected to be higher than other years.

Today the reports from the Hospital Center for Pediatrics are over 2 thousand 500 children affected by Covid./