Albania buys anti-tank Javelin missiles, reacts the minister of defense

schedule15:00 - 21 Maj, 2022

schedule 15:00 - 21 Maj, 2022

The Albanian Armed Forces will be equipped with the best anti-tank missile  “Javelin”. It was the company that manufactured these systems, Lockheed-Raytheon JV, where it announced that in addition to Norway, Latvia and Thailand, they will also produce “Javelin” for Albania.

The Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi has confirmed such news. From Pogradec, Peleshi told reporters that this is in the context of modernizing the Armed Forces. The Minister clarified that there is no serious threat and asked not to panic, emphasizing that we are a NATO country.

It is in the framework of the modernization of the Armed Forces, the increase of our capacities, the fulfillment of the objectives that Albania has in relation to NATO. The Javelin anti-tank missile system is being manufactured by the American company, the world’s largest military industry Lockheed Martin and we have placed our order there as part of our journey to strengthen the Armed Forces, modernize, increase security and territorial defense of our country .

It is not that there is a concrete threat not to create panic, we are a NATO country, we have resolved the issue of national security, we are protected, because we are protected by Article 5 of the NATO treaty, according to which the NATO space “It is inviolable, but of course we will continue to follow the pace of NATO to strengthen as part of a defensive alliance,” said Minister Peleshi.

The Minister also announced that there will be other purchases or donations from Albania’s strategic partner, the US or other NATO partners.

Asked about the request for membership of Sweden and Finland in NATO, where Albania is a member country, the Minister of Defense said that our country will support the line of the Alliance.