2000 hectares of land under water in Shkoder, Albania

schedule10:14 - 11 Janar, 2021

schedule 10:14 - 11 Janar, 2021

The municipality of Shkodra has updated this Monday the information on the flooding situation, informing that the area of ​​flooded lands in Shkodra has reached a total of 1.823 hectares.

On the other hand, the Obot road, which yesterday was completely impassable, blocking an entire village, today is passable only with high vehicles.

The Shirgj-Darragjat axis is also blocked in the place called “Urrelat”. The Drin and Kir rivers remain problematic, as in some places they are eroding agricultural lands, while Shkodra Lake has an increase in water level.

“From the periodic field monitoring today, 11.01.2021, at 08.30, the situation of floods continues to be as follows:

-Hydrometer in Dajç at 08.30, marks the quota 6.36m. (Quota max 6.30 m);
-The hydrometer of Lake Shkodra at 08.30, marks the quota 8.58 m. (Quota max 8.70 m);
-The hydrometer of the Drin River at 08.30, marks the quota of 7.05m. (Quota max 7.50 m),” Shkodra Municipality also made known./abcnews.al