137 kg of cocaine seized in the Port of Durrës

schedule14:13 - 3 Dhjetor, 2021

schedule 14:13 - 3 Dhjetor, 2021

 The Special Court has given the decision for 137 kg of cocaine that was seized in the port of Durrës two years ago. It is learned about Altin Myslihaka GJKKO gave 15 years in prison, from the trial shortened to 10 years of imprisonment. While 12.6 years imprisonment was given to Adrian Bega, from the trial shortened 8.4 years imprisonment.

The cocaine seized in Durrës came from Greece. Gentjan Maldini is still wanted for this case and because of this the trial against him has been suspended for a year.

Malindi is considered by the investigations as the person who came out as a guarantor to take the drugs from the container and then to send them to the destination determined by the criminal groups. During the transport, Malindi discovered that in the packages where he thought there was cocaine, rice and satellite locator were inserted, throwing the bag immediately from the vehicle that was under observation by the Special Operational Force.

The Prosecution has suspicions that implicated in the trafficking of 137 kg of cocaine are some other members of criminal groups operating within the Albanian territory, mainly in Elbasan, Fier and Vlora.

How was cocaine discovered?

The amount of 137 kg of narcotics was sent from Ecuador, would pass through our country and the final destination was the European market.

The cocaine was hidden in the engines of refrigerators in four containers of bananas, ordered by an Albanian company, which has been operating in the market since 2011. Greek authorities informed the Albanian police after the discovery of the drug and then decided to replace the drug with rice. and GPS was placed inside the packages.

Containers of bananas were transited to the port of Piraeus. It was reported at the time that the suspects had only opened the container with license plate 313 by removing the metal plate with a screwdriver and taking from them some packages with a handbag. Packages which instead of 137 kg of cocaine had 136 kg of rice and gypsum as well as 1 kg of cocaine. /abcnews.al