137 kg of cocaine seized at the Durres port, SPAK extends the investigation for three months

schedule14:24 - 16 Tetor, 2020

schedule 14:24 - 16 Tetor, 2020

The Special Prosecution has decided to extend for three months the investigation for  137 kg of cocaine, seized in the port of Durrës, coming from Piraeus of Greece.

It has been learned that for the detection of persons involved in drug trafficking, the Greek authorities have been asked to intensify investigative actions to discover other persons that are implicated.

Meanwhile, SPAK has asked to intensify the search regarding the arrest of Gentian Malindi, the person who is suspected to be the recipient of cocaine in Durrës.
The amount of 137 kg of cocaine was sent from Ecuador, would pass through albanina country and the final destination was the European market.

The cocaine was hidden in the engines of refrigerators in four containers of bananas, ordered by an Albanian company, which has been operating in the market since 2011.
Greek authorities informed the Albanian police after they sized the drugs and then decided to replace the drugs with rice and GPS was placed inside the packages./abcnews.al