10 arrested in Fier for driving without a license

schedule10:27 - 25 Janar, 2022

schedule 10:27 - 25 Janar, 2022

Ten drivers in Fier were arrested after being caught drunk and without a driving license during last week. It is also reported that 5 driving licenses have been suspended for driving under the influence of alcohol.

1231 administrative measures were imposed during the last week:

-5 measures for driving under the effect of alcoholic beverages;

-267 measures for not wearing a seat belt;

-47 measures for not wearing a protective helmet;

-89 measures for the use of mobile device;

-301 measures for wrong overtaking;

-7 measures for speeding above the allowed norm;

-198 measures for stopping / stopping the vehicle in contradiction with the road signalization and traffic rules;

-8 measures for lack of vehicle insurance;

-314 measures for violation of other rules of the Road Code which are a source of accident.