Anti-Drug operation, 9 arrested

schedule11:33 - 22 Tetor, 2021

schedule 11:33 - 22 Tetor, 2021

9 people have been arrested after an action launched two days ago, which involved the police of Tirana, Durres, Lezha and Shkodra. ABC learns that the 9 arrested are: Leon Ndrecaj alias Gjin Ndrecaj, Leonard Kola alias Nardi Kola, Zef Lalaj, Ilir Prengaj alias Paulin Gjoni, Ylli Veshi, Gjin Kola alias Edi Kola, Aleks Këdheli, Tanush Lekgegaj and Miri Rrapi.

The group is charged with the criminal offenses “Narcotics trafficking” committed in collaboration in the form of a structured criminal group and “Production and sale of narcotics” committed in collaboration, in the form of a structured criminal group.

Jail arrest for 9 citizens: L. N. alias Gj. N., 40 years old, resident in Gurrat, Lezha, L.K alias N.K, 33 years old, resident in Dragush, Dajç, Lezha, Z.L, 47 years old, resident in Shënkoll, Lezha, I.P alias P. Gj., 35 years old, resident in Kcirë, Puka, Y.V, 34 years old, resident in Tapiza, Fushë Krujë, Gj. K. alias E. K., 35 years old, resident in Durrës, A. K., 35 years old, resident in Lufajt, Mirditë, T. L., 45 years old, resident in Perlat, Mirditë and M. Rr., 35 years old, resident in the village of Arrëz, Mirditë. 

-House arrest for 2 citizens: S. M. alias S. L., 17 years old and E. S., 17 years old, both residents in Dom, Puka. 

-4 citizens have been declared wanted: T. Sh., 33 years old, resident in Lezha, G.M, 31 years old, resident in Kalivac, Ungrej, Lezha, G.S, 44 years old, resident in Dom, Puka (all three jail arrest) and D.L, 17 years old, resident in Dom, Puka (under house arrest). The work for their capture continues intensively. 

Also, the Court has decided to allow searches in apartments and various premises of citizens N. N., M. N., A. V. and V. D., as well as in the houses of arrested citizens, in Lezha, Tirana, Shkodra, Puka, Durres.

3 bags of cannabis seeds, a sum of euros and a vehicle were seized as material evidence. This operation is a continuation of the police operation “Qafa e Helmit 1”, conducted in August 2021, by the Investigation Directorate, as a result of which 4000 cannabis sativa trees were destroyed.

Investigations have shown that this criminal group has organized the cultivation of narcotic plants in Mirdita, in the area of ??the village Arëz, Kaçinar, in the area between the villages Perlat i Epërm and Lufajt and in Puka, in places called Qafa e Helmit, Shkozë village , Gomsiqe and Plet.

The Investigative Directorate has previously arrested the following citizens in connection with this proceeding:

– P. L., 45 years old, from whom 37 kg and 450 cannabis sativa were seized; 
– H. M., 53 years old, resident in Kamza, Tirana, from whom 12 kg of cannabis sativa were seized; 
– N. C., 64 years old, resident in the village of Plet, Puka, from whom narcotic plants cultivated in the territory of the apartment were seized. 

Also, the Police services have found the place where the processing of narcotic plants was carried out among the pines in the villages of Gomsiqe and Pletë of Puka, where 28.73 kg of cannabis sativa were seized and found in a suitable place in the form of huts, covered with plastic.

During the investigation, it turned out that police officers were also involved in this activity, for whom the procedural actions are followed by the SHCBA. All materials for the execution of this decision were forwarded to the Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK), for further action.