Albania for the first time against the EU for the dialogue

schedule12:27 - 27 Shtator, 2023

schedule 12:27 - 27 Shtator, 2023

The recent events in the north of Kosovo, resulting in the loss of the life of police officer Afrim Bunjaku, have brought about a change in Albania’s position in relation to the EU statement on the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade.

Sources told ABC News that Albania has not given its support for the statement made a few days ago by the High Representative on behalf of the European Union about what is expected from Serbia and Kosovo, and for which agreement was required until the evening of September 26.

This is the first time that Albania goes against the line of the European Union, not accepting Borrel’s statement that blamed Kurti for the failure of the dialogue with Serbia. Due to recent events, Albania has not agreed, stressing that the declaration has already lost its validity and that responsibility cannot be sought only from Kosovo.