Vetting for the police, the assembly is expected to suspend the process

schedule14:05 - 22 Shkurt, 2021

schedule 14:05 - 22 Shkurt, 2021

The Assembly is expected to suspend the police vetting process today. There are four deputies, Arben Elezi, Antoneta Dhima, Luan Harusha and Elona Hoxha, who have requested the suspension of the vetting.

According to four members of the majority, SHÇBA(Internal Affairs and Complaints Service) officers should be part of the vetting, for whom the law provides that they will lead the assessment of low-ranking police officers.

Thus, the draft law requires the External Evaluation Commission to focus on the vetting of the CIA, a structure that will then screen all basic level staff in the state police.

The GRECO evaluation report states that the current transitional vetting process should be replaced by a mechanism for assessing the integrity of staff regularly during their careers and for promotion purposes, while at least transitional vetting should focus on functions most exposed to integrity risk.

Also, this change would allow the necessary time for the institutions involved to make a more in-depth analysis of this process and to propose solutions to a number of problems identified by international partners in the field of public order and security. /