US deputy ambassador visits the blue headquarters

schedule13:11 - 3 Dhjetor, 2021

schedule 13:11 - 3 Dhjetor, 2021

The Deputy Ambassador of the United States of America has gone to the blue headquarters this afternoon. Journalist Juxhin Mustafaraj reports for that Demian Smith has just arrived in the DP.

The visit of the American diplomat in PD comes while the internal situation in the largest opposition party in the country is tense since September 9, when the leader of the Democrats Lulzim Basha expelled from the parliamentary group the historical leader Sali Berisha, due to the decision of DASH.

So far, there are two Assemblies convened by the current chairman and his predecessor. On December 11, the National Assembly of Sali Berisha is expected to convene, described as extraordinary, convened with the signatures of the delegates, while on December 18 he convened by the chairman Lulzim Basha. Berisha has described the 11th as the second birthday of the Democratic Party, while on the other hand Basha and his supporters declare that there is only one legitimate Assembly, the one of the 18th  /