US Army-led NATO military exercises begins in Albania

schedule09:56 - 4 Maj, 2021

schedule 09:56 - 4 Maj, 2021

The military training begins in the Port of Durres, with the deployment that occurs for the first time since World War II, in Europe, where the interaction capabilities of the United States with NATO partner armies, for security in the Western Balkans and Black Sea regions.

The port of Durres has welcomed a large influx of large containers and trucks this week ahead of NATO exercises, a concentration of military vehicles that US officials say has not been seen in our country since World War II.

About 700 pieces of equipment from the Combat Squadron of the 53rd Brigade of the Florida National Guard Infantry Brigade were fired by US HNS Bob Hope in Durres. They will be used for two weeks of training involving up to 6,000 US troops at six Albanian military bases.

This is part of the US Army-led multinational military exercise Defender-Europe 21, which focuses on preventing aggression and building operational readiness with NATO and a larger number of allies and partners. They will train from May 17 to June 2.

“Albania is a valued partner. “Our military benefits by training together, increasing interaction, building operational readiness and strengthening relationships – all of which enable our ability to respond to any crisis, at any time, together with our allies and partners.” said Tammy Muckenfuss of the U.S. Army for Europe and Africa, based in Germany.

For Major Randall Moran, “uniting all these groups is something very unique.”

The two logistical support vessels transporting vehicles can operate in shallow water and are working non-stop to bring military equipment.

A British warship will also arrive in the coming days.

Defender-Europe this year involved around 28,000 US, allied and partner forces from 27 nations to conduct simultaneous operations in more than 30 training areas in more than a dozen nations, from the Baltic and Africa to the Black Sea and the Balkans.

In addition to providing six naval, land and air bases, Albania, a NATO member since 2009, will engage 1,000 troops in what Defense Minister Niko Peleshi called “a historic event because it is the largest exercise in Albania and the region ”.

US military officials praised Albania’s welcome, good food and natural beauty.

Muckenfuss said “Albania has been an amazing host and has greeted all our soldiers warmly.”

“It’s a great choice for training,” Moran said. “I think you guys are more or less approaching a hidden gem. “So the people are great, the food is great and the scenery is great.”/