Topalli talks about the secret Rama-Basha “deal”

schedule15:30 - 14 Janar, 2020

schedule 15:30 - 14 Janar, 2020

The majority and the opposition have reached a surprise agreement today on Electoral Reform, giving up to their previous stances, which has not passed without feedback.

Jozefina Topalli, links Damian Gjiknuri’s agreement and acceptance to the table by the opposition with the dismissal of the case for Lulzim Basha.

Topalli writes on Facebook that Rama and Basha have returned to each other’s arms after the court “adjudicated the case”.

Previously, Astrit Patozi mock the Democrats, who agreed to sit at the table and go to the polls with Prime Minister Rama, while previously his departure was a fundamental condition for negotiations.

“Finally a long-awaited news for Albanian citizens.

From today everything is possible ”, writes Patozi. /