Tirana taxi drivers prosecuted for concealing income

schedule11:00 - 2 Shkurt, 2023

schedule 11:00 - 2 Shkurt, 2023

Authorities have taken legal action this Thursday against three cab drivers, who had concealed their income from transporting people with their vehicles.

Following police findings, the Prosecutor’s Office started criminal proceedings against the drivers of these vehicles, specifically for the citizens, Sh. A., R. Ç. and Sh. L., for the criminal offense “Concealment of income”.

All 3 of these citizens continued this activity in violation of the law, even though they had been administratively punished several times before for the same reason.

In addition to the criminal proceedings, the relevant administrative measures were completed for these citizens, for violations provided for in the Road Code and in the law “On road transport”.

“In continuation of the work to prevent and attack economic crimes, as well as to guarantee the provision of services in accordance with the law, for citizens, the services of the Sector for the Investigation of Economic and Financial Crimes, the Traffic Police Station, the Municipal Police and those of the Task Force of Road Transport, Tirana, as a response to complaints and concerns of citizens, for various illegalities in the transport service, have initiated the operational plan coded “Criteria”.

As a result of the field checks, the teams of experts found 3 cases of the provision of the “Taxi” service, contrary to the criteria defined in the transport licenses, violating the rules approved by this sector and causing conflicts between the operators who offer the same service”, said the police.