The situation of Covid-19 in Albania, Minister of Health admits there’s still much to be done

schedule14:49 - 8 Shtator, 2020

schedule 14:49 - 8 Shtator, 2020

The Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu accompanied by the EU Ambassador in Tirana Luigi Soreca in a meeting with the medical staff said that the work for the improvement of the capacities in the service of the hospitals will continue.

The 5th EU aid package has materialized with 20 respirators that will be in the service of the Infectious Diseases Hospital and Shefqet Ndroqi. The main focus remains the capacity on health personnel. We have built all the scenarios following all the projections that our experts have presented to us “, said Manastirliu.

As Luigi Soreca said, it is necessary that the hospitals  should be equipped with the all required capacities.

Meanwhile, Manastirliu said that the work on health institutions  will continue and will be accompanied by large investments.

36 new ambulances will be available to the National Emergency within this year. Investments will also continue  to strengthen the capacity of regional hospitals. 

Therefore, as the Prime Minister has stated, we have taken the decision to rise the salaries for all medical staff, but the support for the social bonus will continue for all those employees who are in the front line in the battle of COVID-19 “, stated Manastirliu.