The number of new cases with Covid-19 in Albania has increased to 467

schedule12:01 - 13 Prill, 2020

schedule 12:01 - 13 Prill, 2020

Albania have been reported 21 new cases with coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 467.

According to the ISHP, 193 persons were tested yesterday,  21 new cases with COVID-19 were confirmed, of which 1 health personnel and two asymptomatic children.

The cases identified in the last 24 hours were in contact with previous cases infected with COVID-19, while the epidemiological process investigation still continues.

So far, 4070 suspected cases have been tested and of these, only 467 resulted positive with COVID-19.

So far, Albania has confirms 23 victims from coronavirus.

While in the last 24 hours, 15 other patients are recovered, bringing the number of people recovered from COVID-19 to 232./