The disappearance of Ervis Martinaj, the key details from former Prime Minister Berisha

schedule11:43 - 22 Shtator, 2022

schedule 11:43 - 22 Shtator, 2022

The missing of Ervis Martinaj still remains a mystery, while neither the prosecution nor the police have come up with an official version of his fate.

Earlier, Prime Minister Rama said that very soon there will be a reaction from the law enforcement agencies on the fate of Martinaj, but so far nothing.

While this is happening, former Prime Minister Berisha has a version about the causes of Martinaj’s disappearance, which are related to gambling and the intervention in this market by persons who, according to him, have direct connections with the Prime Minister.

What Berisha said yesterday:

“There is no sector that has not spread its tentacles. They took Ervis Martinaj’s gambling and now he says where he is. He himself knows where he is. He was a gambling businessman.

Olsi Rama has been rumored as the shadowy man of gambling.  Because it is controlled by Rama. If it is in six pieces, the family should be notified. It is a centuries-old code,” Berisha declared at the meeting of the DP Parliamentary Group.