The departure of young people from Albania, Basha reveals the plan: Opportunities and jobs

schedule12:00 - 24 Gusht, 2020

schedule 12:00 - 24 Gusht, 2020

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, referring to the latest Gallup report, stated that 1 in every 3 people who leave Albania is the young age.

Accusing Rama and his policy of promoting only criminals, Basha reveals the PD plan for youth.

“Our plan will create spaces for anyone who wants to be educated and employed in their own country. Albanians want a government that cares about the people and supports them, a government that offers opportunities and jobs for our boys and girls! #betterdays “, writes Basha.

Today, Albanians leave the country  because they have few opportunities for education and those who are educated have fewer opportunities for employment.

Edi Rama, have promoted criminals and not well-educated young people. The high taxes of the Rama government these 7 years have taken more money from the  young people than any other government, while corruption does not allow those who are honest professionals to move forward.

We will free the market from monopolies so that our economy can breathe freely: with low taxes, investments in technology and a fiscal policy that supports work./