The “Babale” file, is postponed again the trial for Salianji

schedule11:11 - 22 Maj, 2024

schedule 11:11 - 22 Maj, 2024

The hearing session in the Appeal for MP Ervin Salianji regarding the Babale case is postponed again. Journalist Ermal Vija reports that the next session will be held on June 12 at 10:30. Salianji filed a motion to postpone the trial due to a business trip to Indonesia.

Last time, the session was postponed after the lawyer of the journalist Jetmir Olldashi claimed that he had health problems.

We recall that Salianji was sentenced by the First Degree to 1 year in prison for a false report related to the “Babale” case, while the Appeal will decide after more than 3 years.

The appeal will decide whether to uphold the decision of the First Instance, declare him innocent or give an alternative decision. If the decision is upheld, then we will have a prison sentence for a deputy.

The author of the audio recording Albert Veliu was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison, while the journalist Jetmir Olldashi was sentenced to 100 hours of probation./