The Assembly urges the president to “approve” the debt of 670 million euros, he refuses

schedule13:25 - 3 Qershor, 2020

schedule 13:25 - 3 Qershor, 2020

President Meta has denied the request of the Assembly to enact accelerated procedures for a law through which the government intends to borrow 670 million euros in international markets.

His response was made public today along with the request of the Assembly dated on June 1.

Meta says there is no urgency for the law on debt collection to be enacted promptly. while emphasizing that the government has not argued the need to enter the international market with such haste.

While the benefits of this acceleration have not been fully argued in the request or in the report “, writes Meta in his response to the Assembly.

Moreover, the President emphasizes that the delay in the preparation of this initiative shows that the financial and economic issues as a whole have not received the proper attention in time from the government./