Taulant Balla justifies assassination attempt in Tirana: Criminal acts occur in every capital of the world

schedule12:29 - 16 Shtator, 2020

schedule 12:29 - 16 Shtator, 2020

Secretary General of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, as well as the Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, were in Elbasan this Wednesday to introduce the “Shqiponja”police forces.

Balla commented on last night’s criminal act, when one person suffered an assassination attempt, as a car bomb detonated in the Vasil Shanto neighbourhood in the centre of Tirana.

He justified it by saying said criminal attacks like that take place in every country of the world and that the police will find the perpetrators.

“Minister Lleshaj from the first day in charge of the Ministry of Interior has done and is doing an excellent job and undoubtedly this is an important investment of trust that the SP and its parliamentary group has given. So I would kindly ask you to focus on what happened today in Elbasan, which is an increase in the  presence of police work in the service of ordinary people in Elbasan.

Criminal attacks like last night in Tirana take place in every capital of the world and I would like you to have a little patience because the State police will find the perpetrators in time and will bring them to justice”, declared Balla.

The blast occurred Tuesday at around 19:00 in the vehicle of Prend Gjini. Police believe that a remote-controlled explosive was placed inside the vehicle and was detonated from afar. It is believed the attack was a part of an ongoing conflict. Last year, Gjin’s brother was killed in front of the Rreshen Cathedral with an automatic firearm. It has been reported that he also had connections to a gang involved in drug trafficking. /abcnews.al