SPAK several months investigation: A police officer is caught with cocaine in the vehicle

schedule11:37 - 1 Korrik, 2021

schedule 11:37 - 1 Korrik, 2021

A general patrol officer at Police Station No. 2 in Tirana was handcuffed after a quantity of cocaine was found in his vehicle.

It is learned that Elefterios Sullaj was arrested after several months of investigation conducted by the SPAK, in cooperation with the judicial police at the Directorate of Investigation and the Service of Internal Affairs and Complaints.

Along with the patrol officer, the two people with whom he was in the car, Mikel Zhegu and Eris Tafa, were also handcuffed.

Their arrest took place on the morning of July 1 in flagrante delicto at the intersection of “Kosovars” Street. The vehicle where the amount of cocaine was found was driven by police officer Sullaj, while one of the passengers, Eris Tafa is a person under house arrest. /