SP sends the motion to CEC to register for the local by-elections

schedule14:26 - 25 Janar, 2022

schedule 14:26 - 25 Janar, 2022

The Socialist Party has sent to the Central Election Commission the motion to be elected in the by-elections of the premises on March 6. We recall that the Prime Minister Edi Rama started on Monday with the General Secretary of SP Damian, the meetings with Gjiknuri with the political leaders and the deputies of the regions where there are elections.

The first meeting was in Fier and lasted about an hour. According to sources for abcnews.al in the meeting on the SP candidacies for the municipality of Lushnje.

The presidency is a candidate for mayor of Lushnje, Eriselda Sefa. She is the commanding mayor of this municipality. Meanwhile, Olta Xhaçka has been elected as the Socialist delegate to manage the March 6 local elections in the Municipality of Shkodra. Majlinda Angoni, the prefect of the region is expected to be made official as a candidate for the Municipality.

In Vora, the Socialists are expected to entrust the race for mayor to former mayor Mersin Murati.

The Commanding Mayor in the Municipality of Rrogozhina, Edison Memolla is expected to be the SP candidate for the municipality. Edison Memolla also has blood ties with the late mayor Haxhi Memolla. In the municipality of Durrës, the commanding mayor Emirjana Sako is expected to be the candidate of the Socialists to conclude her mandate.

The deadline for submitting the registration form for the March 6 local by-elections is January 31.