SMI Speaker talks about the Donor Conference: The enthusiasm is over, the responsibility should begins immediately

schedule10:40 / 18/02/2020

SMI Speaker Monika Kryemadhi through a press conference thanked all donors who donated funds for the earthquake in Albania.

However, as the Prime Minister points out, the enthusiasm is over and the government should start taking responsibility immediately.

“It is a hope that will give Albanians the courage to show them that they are not alone but always supported. Yesterday’s meeting clearly showed that there are no prejudices.

What I want to emphasize is that enthusiasm is over and the responsibility of the Albanian government must begin immediately.

We will be ready and alert to follow every step of the rebuilding.

And we will see if this government will use the money that Europe gave them in the right way.

We cant wait to see the first buildings. I want to thank all the donors once again, ”said Kryemadhi./

schedule10:40 / 18/02/2020