Serbs gather again in Zveçan

schedule08:00 - 2 Qershor, 2023

schedule 08:00 - 2 Qershor, 2023

The tensions in the north seem to have not ended yet. This Friday, Serbian protesters have gathered in front of the municipality of Zveçan and have started to sign, justifying their action as “they are not allowed to enter the facility of the municipality”.

It is the sixth day of protests in the North and the Serbs oppose the exercise of the duties of mayors in three municipalities in the North, from municipal facilities. Tensions have accompanied the protests for several days, while recently the protests have been replaced by insults and provocations.

Meanwhile, a day ago the Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Sveçla, emphasized that Kosovo Serbs are constantly under pressure and threats to perform actions against their will.

Meanwhile, we remember that the internationals have also asked for reflection and the preservation of peace and stability in the north of Kosovo./