Republicans seek laws against russian, chinese presence in Albania

schedule12:00 - 5 Qershor, 2023

schedule 12:00 - 5 Qershor, 2023

Chairman of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, has addressed this Monday in the Assembly the concern of Russian and Chinese influence in the Balkans.

In his speech, Mediu said that the Assembly should not act as if Russia and China have no influence in Albania, but should adopt laws that prevent the presence of their businesses in Albania.

“The US, the EU and our partners constantly raise concerns about the penetration and influence of Russia and China in the Balkans. It is the duty of this Assembly to take the joint supra-partisan initiative to analyze how far this influence extends.

Let’s not be satisfied only from the superficial point of view that we don’t have such relationships. There are and we must analyze them. There are policies and laws that we must adopt to prevent businesses and their economies in our country from harming our security and our relationship with our partners”, said Mediu.