Rama’s lawsuit against Haradinaj has become main news in the Serbian media

schedule14:20 - 16 Janar, 2020

schedule 14:20 - 16 Janar, 2020

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama yesterday accused his outgoing counterpart in Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, for libel. In the 30-page indictment, Prime Minister Edi Rama claims that Ramush Haradinaj has slandered him through public statements where he has spoken about exchanges of territories. Immediately after the indictment came Haradinaj’s reaction, saying he would respond to Rama by law.

Those news were primary to all Serbian media, where all the dailies have dedicated an article to the event.

The daily Kurir writes that Rama has indicted Haradinaj: The Prime Minister of Albania has written 30 pages of lawsuits why Ramushi has slandered him.


Alo writes: Albania’s Edi Rama sues Ramush Haradinaj, Kosovo’s executive takes the lawsuit urgently. But no other media have been banned either..



Espresso: Rama decides to destroy Haradinaj. The reason is Serbia./abcnews.al