Rama warns sanctions for mayors

schedule13:04 - 22 Tetor, 2021

schedule 13:04 - 22 Tetor, 2021

Prime Minister Edi Rama has warned of sanctions for municipalities that do not clean garbage. In the meeting with the mayors, Rama said that they will go as far as taking it under the administration of the municipality and the mayor to end up in the prosecutor’s office.

“We will also go with sanctions that will go as far as taking over the administration of municipalities, with the transfer of the mayor to the prosecutor’s office. this will be the end of the common journey if we do not find the right partners in the territory who will make night and day to guarantee that in the next season Albania will be an example of cleanliness. “They do not cost anything to anyone”, said Rama.

The head of government drew the attention of the mayors to the illegal landfills, while he said that the government will intervene in the budget. According to the Prime Minister, the budget will not be approved if it does not provide for cleaning.

Among the municipalities most criticized by Rama is Himara and champion Lezha. / abcnews.al