Protest of air traficc controller, flights at “Mother Teresa” airport are interrupted for 40 minutes

schedule11:02 - 7 Prill, 2021

schedule 11:02 - 7 Prill, 2021

Employees of the Air Traffic Control Agency has blocked flights for about 40 minutes at the “Mother Teresa” Airport in Rinas.

The news was also confirmed by Tirana International Airport, where, among other things, it was reported that two flights to Rinas were affected by the protest of the controllers.

The Athens-Tirana and Istanbul-Tirana flights were specifically affected. According to TIA, operations resumed at 09:55, with Athens-Tirana expected to resume and Istanbul-Tirana 40 minutes late.


Auditor requirements:

– Return of colleagues to work;

– Repeal of board decisions;

– Return of full salary according to the collective agreement;

– Full financial transparency for 2020;

– A union member to be a board member./