PM Rama makes truce for Xhaferllari and Vorpsi

schedule15:03 - 16 Nëntor, 2019

schedule 15:03 - 16 Nëntor, 2019

The Prime Minister announced a truce between him and Ilir Meta about the conflict in the Constitutional election, saying that he has nothing more to do about the stalemate for the chair divided between Marsida Xhaferllari and Arta Vorpsi.

The Prime Minister announced that on November 25, will present to Albanians his legal initiative against the bands he baptized as the CCC.

The government has lowers his weapons to the President of the Republic and does not want to participate in the debate anymore whether Arta Vorpsi or Marsida Xhaferllari would sit in the chair of the constitutional judge.

Rama is leaving it to the constitutional court to resolve the issue,announces that next step is against the bands that calls the CCC, “To seize what to seize. ”

He just give an ironic smile about the danger posed by the President.

Once again,is not responsible for Valdrin Peter or Agim Kajmaku. /