Paloka reveals: This minister house has been stolen

schedule16:48 - 9 Nëntor, 2019

schedule 16:48 - 9 Nëntor, 2019

Edi Paloka has a different explanation regarding to Minister Elisa Spiropali’s statements that the Socialists are preparing for their third mandate.

According to Paloka, the cause relates to the theft of Spiropali’s house earlier this year.

In a post on facebook, while asking why Spiropali needs a third mandate, Paloka writes that at the beginning of january this year, the thieves entered at her house.

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Why does Elisa need a third mandate?

What have the thieves stolen in the home of Rama’s minister, that does not allow him to report to the police?

So she needs a third mandate to ” compensate for her losses” and to equalize with her colleagues? /