Over 20 illegal cameras busted in Vlora

schedule09:38 - 3 Shkurt, 2023

schedule 09:38 - 3 Shkurt, 2023

Police of Vlora have uninstalled this Friday 26 illegal cameras located on the streets of the coastal city, as it is suspected that they were put up by people involved in the world of crime.

Authorities have criminally prosecuted four people and work is underway to discover the elements suspected of being involved in these illegal activities.
Meanwhile, the materials were passed to the prosecution offices of the judicial districts of Vlora and Saranda, for further actions.

“So far, in-depth investigations have been initiated for 4 citizens, after they installed cameras, in an illegal manner. The services of the Vlora Police Station and the Delvina Police Station, in implementation of the tasks defined within the coded nationwide operational plan “Fijet”, initiated by the General Directorate of the State Police, as well as with the support of the information intelligence, for the unauthorized placement of some cameras, specifically in some neighborhoods of the cities of Vlora and Delvina, in order to provide information, for criminal purposes, as well as to monitor the movements of the Police, have continued with the work for the identification and dismantling of these cameras, the identification of their owners, as well as for the full legal documentation of the purpose of use.

-Following the third phase of this operational plan, in Vlora, in the neighborhoods “Pavarësia”, “29 Nëntori” and “28 Nëntori”, 8 cameras have been dismantled, and the citizens E. A., N. Zh. and V.P.

– The operational plan continued in the city of Delvina, where 2 cameras were dismantled and seized and the investigation started for the citizen E. S”, announced the police.