Ombudsman’s election postponed in September

schedule13:00 - 20 Korrik, 2022

schedule 13:00 - 20 Korrik, 2022

The Assembly has postponed the election of the People’s Advocate to September after the hearings with all the candidates. During the last few days, the Law Commission also held a hearing with the candidates for this post, while today the decision was made that the election will be held in September.

There were 19 names, from the preliminary list of 20 candidates, who revealed their platforms before the deputies of the Assembly, after Olta Aliaj withdrew his candidacy a few minutes before the start of the session.

Among the 20 candidates who previously submitted their CVs to the Assembly are human rights and freedom activist Besim Ndregjoni, former Minister of Justice, Ilir Rusmaili, former CEC chairman, Lefterije Luzi, former deputy of DP, Sali Shehu.