OFL sent self-declaration form to 5 convicted

schedule14:15 - 23 Nëntor, 2020

schedule 14:15 - 23 Nëntor, 2020

OFL has sent the form to five convicts for various crimes in Tirana and Gjirokastra.

All five must declare their assets within 48 hours, otherwise they will be seized. They are Bledar Hasani, Selam Qendro, Memo Lila, Sadik Hazizi and Gentian Cani.

Hasani was convicted of the criminal offenses “Structured criminal group”, “Theft ” committed in collaboration in the form of a structured criminal group and “Theft”; meanwhile, Lila, Qendro and Hazifi have been convicted of murder, while Cani is serving a sentence for “kidnapping”.

“These individuals, as a subject of the Special Law, must answer within 48 hours, all OFL questions and then, the answers will be sent to SPAK, for further action.

OFL is in uninterrupted action and in carrying out complex actions for the imposition of emergency seizures on the suspected assets benefited from the crime, as well as for sending self-declaration forms to all persons who are subject to the Special Law “, OFL informs. /abcnews.al