Nishani stated that he was shocked by the facts after the meeting held by Meta

schedule13:12 - 21 Nëntor, 2019

schedule 13:12 - 21 Nëntor, 2019

In a statement to the media, Nishani stated that the focus has been the issue of the Constitutional Court.

“Assault on the constitution, disrupting the constitutional balance between the country’s institutions and severe barbaric stroke to the Constitution and Justice Reform with the latest act that happened with the constitutional court ”,said  Nishani .

“The issue of the Venice Commission is an issue that has no political justification as Venice has made its recommendations in the case of Justice Reform, on their basis is written the Constitution of the state.

In this case there are 3 issues that need no interpretation but implementation.

The court is made up of 9 members, 3 by the President, 3 by Parliament and 3 by the Supreme Court.

They are clear issues and there is need for interpretation but implementation, ”the former President said.

Nishani further stated that he does not believe that the President is under pressure but during the conversation were revealed shocked facts about the capture of the justice system.

Nishani  commented on the issue of the dissolution of the Parliament and the dismissal of Besnik Muçi.

The issue of early elections and the dissolution of parliament have not been in our discussion.

It is up to the Constitutional Court to make the decision and in my judgment this Parliament should not operate.

“I believe Muçi’s reasoning is correct, as a prosecutor he does no longer exists. We’re talking about the process.

In this particular case we are talking that not every individual enters into vetting” , said the former President.