Minister of Health: We are preparing for an increase of new cases of Covid-19 in autumn and winter

schedule11:26 - 29 Korrik, 2020

schedule 11:26 - 29 Korrik, 2020

This Wednesday in the Assembly is being discussed the Normative Act “On taking special administrative measures during the period of infection caused by COVID-19” as amended.


Speaking from the rostrum of the Assembly, the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu said that these measures are taken not to punish but to contain the spread of the virus. Manastirliu also added that “the obligation that is imposed now not only determines an increase in the penalty measure but also assesses a suspension of activity for a period of 1 year, when these entities do not obey the law.”

Manastirliu also stated that if negligence continues, will be needed   preparations for an increase in Covid-19 infections in autumn and winter./