Mega operation Italy – Albania, SPAK: Three Albanian leaders of the criminal group

schedule13:39 - 26 Janar, 2023

schedule 13:39 - 26 Janar, 2023

As a result of the mega operation between Albania and Italy, there are security measures for 43 people.

The arrests were related to drug trafficking, where 4 million euros were seized. According to the Italian authorities, this operation was also carried out in coordination with Erojujust.

SPAK announces that in Albania the criminal activity was mainly concentrated in Durrës, while in Italy in the cities of Bergamo, Milan and Turin. SPAK also informs that there are 3 Albanian leaders of this criminal group.

The ABC News journalist, Ermal Vija, managed to secure the announcement of SPAK, which displays the data of 20 people who were given the measure of “prison arrest” and one person with the measure of “house arrest”.