Manastirliu: More than 120 hospitalized, keep the mask till the development of a vaccine

schedule13:10 - 23 Korrik, 2020

schedule 13:10 - 23 Korrik, 2020

The Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, has made again an appeal from the rostrum of the Assembly for wearing  the mask, emphasizing that it should become part of our daily routine.

Manastirliu said that in the two Covid  hospitals there are more than 120 infected patients and dozens of suspected cases of the coronavirus. She stressed out that there will be no more normality  until the development of a vaccine, so everyone should be taught to coexist with protective measures.

Is it better to continue to open hospitals or that everyone to take responsibility and reduce the risk. This requires the mobilization of all citizens and we should not do it for ourselves but for our relatives and for those who are sacrificing for us, stated Manastirliu./