Manastirliu: 8 190 doses of Pfizer to arrive in Albania

schedule12:48 - 22 Shkurt, 2021

schedule 12:48 - 22 Shkurt, 2021

The Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu has stated from the rostrum of the Assembly that today 8190 more doses will come to Albania from the agreement that the country has with Pfizer. She said that so far over 8000 doses have arrived in Albania from the same agreement.

“A year ago coronavirus was a news from over the world. It was a crisis that tested our health sistem. The world today is divided into two categories of countries, those who have launched the vaccination campaign and those who have not received any dose of vaccine.

140 countries  have not yet started the vaccination. We are among the countries that have started vaccination. Albania has a contract with Pfizer.

“Over 8000 doses have arrived so far and the delivery of another 8190 doses is expected today”, said Manastirliu./