Italy sends medical team to Albania to help fight against coronavirus infections

schedule14:19 - 30 Korrik, 2020

schedule 14:19 - 30 Korrik, 2020

A team of doctors and nurses have arrived at Rinas airport to come to the aid of Albania for the situation of COVID-19. In this way the Italian Civil Emergency Task Force composed of six experts will conduct a bilateral activity for a period of 14 days in Albania.

The group of experts will conduct consulting activities and will assist in order to form special training of Albanian counterparts on issues related to the specific health aspect in the diagnosis and fight against Covid-19.


In addition to the group of doctors and nurses, the structure of the High Commissioner Arcuri, the production of which is authorized by the Italian High Institute. of Health m made a gift with a quantity of 500,000 type II surgical masks.

The team of doctors consisting of an emergency physician, an anesthetist and a Civil Emergency Officer of the District of Puglia, a doctor and an emergency nurse of the District of Lombardy, an infectious disease doctor of the District of Lazio and a emergency nurse of the Region of Piedmont) were welcomed  by the Ambassador of Italy to Albania, Fabrizio Bucci, and the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu./