Iran’s attack, Balluku appeals to the opposition: Let’s be together

schedule15:00 - 22 Shtator, 2022

schedule 15:00 - 22 Shtator, 2022

Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku responded to the opposition’s accusations of failure against Iran’s cyber-attack with a call. She asked them to come together, as the attack was unprecedented.

Balluku said in the Assembly that the budget is insufficient to cope with such an attack and that he is working with partners to set up a new defense strategy.

“The budget is insufficient to withstand a four-pronged attack. I’m not dealing with pants-down metaphors. It must be said that the attack we are facing is unprecedented. Said this from the analysis done by Microsoft.

I don’t know who among you expected us to predict that we would become the target of a country that invests millions of dollars to destroy their countries. We will make the cyber defense strategy.

The whole world has faced these attacks. Technology changes every month. This was not a random attack, nor was it an amateur attack. Take it seriously.

It is a moment to come together and protect the country”, she said.

According to the minister, the goal of the Iranians was to delete every data from our systems, but they have not succeeded.

“The aim of the attack was to delete any data in our systems and they did not succeed. This attack happened to Albania. Note that it is being handled incorrectly.

All appropriate actions have been taken. It continues to this day and we are under attack. We are working with partners. Attacks serve to see system weaknesses and create new shields.

This is not the case to attack the government, we need to come together to find a solution”, said Balluku.