Government measures for Covid-19, Meta: Must be in accordance with the Constitution

schedule14:43 - 4 Prill, 2020

schedule 14:43 - 4 Prill, 2020

President Ilir Meta appeals to the citizens asking them to respect all instructions and restrictions as a result of the situation created by COVID-19.

‘In this way, we not only protect our health, but also help doctors and health personnel, who are sacrificing and endangering the health of all of us”, stated Meta.

Meta also addressed the government, emphasizing that restrictive measures must be in accordance with the Constitution.

“Every measure taken must be in line with the general public and national interest, and in harmony with the hierarchy of applicable norms, so that the adoption of restrictive measures does not jeopardize the creation of new social and judicial conflicts.”

Today, the Prime Minister also announced the measure of jail for all those who violate the rules./