FOTO/ Shtyhet ndeshja e rëndësishme e Premier League, bora “pushton” stadiumin

schedule14:24 - 28 Nëntor, 2021

schedule 14:24 - 28 Nëntor, 2021

Ndeshja Burnley-Tottenham e programuar sot për në orën 15:00 nuk do të luhet raporton The Sun.

Shkak është bërë bora e madhe që ka pushtuar stadiumin Turf Moour. /


The pitch is being cleared, but snow is already reappearing on the cleared surfaces

Dyche speaking with officials pre-match



The snow is tumbling down at Turf Moor as officials roll the ball on the ground

It wasn't chilly enough for Dyche to put a jacket on, with everyone else wrapped up warm


Spurs are in the building, but might need to keep the coach engine running


Staff are desperately trying to clear snow from the pitch