Former PM of Kosovo: Our partners do not trust as before

schedule13:33 - 5 Qershor, 2023

schedule 13:33 - 5 Qershor, 2023

Former Prime Minister Isa Mustafa still sees the situation in the north of Kosovo as fragile.

In a direct conversation with the studio of Tirana Live, on ABC News, Mustafa said that he does not expect any reflection from today’s meeting between Albin Kurti and US and EU officials, Escobar and Lajçak.

“Kurti is not consistent in his attitudes, so nothing can be expected exactly how he will act. It should be started with the association that of the special units differs little from the EU requirements. New elections are required, and for the Serbs to participate and not boycott, coordination with the EU and the USA is necessary, because instead of sovereignty in the north, we have the opposite situation.

KFOR is being extended, based on resolution 1244, and we have no sovereignty there,” said Mustafa, while emphasizing that the unstable positions of the Kosovo government make it unreliable in the eyes of its partners.