Former Mayor of Durres Vangjush Dako will be questioned by the Prosecution

schedule12:19 - 17 Dhjetor, 2019

schedule 12:19 - 17 Dhjetor, 2019

Journalist Glidona Daci tells for that Dako is expected to be questioned in the upcoming days by the prosecution.

Dako will give his testimony about the consequences of the November 26 earthquake, who 23 people lost their lives in the city of Durres .

The Municipality of Durres is the direct body that has the responsibility, after the expert group concluded that the quality of construction was poor and there were abuses of illegal construction.

Meanwhile, security measures are expected today for the 9 other detainees.

Investigations were carried out by prosecutors Edmond Koloshi, Pali Deçolli, Madrid Kullolli. The file holds No.2466, and deals with the offenses “Intentional Murder”, “Murder in Other Qualifying Circumstances”, “Illegal Construction” and “Abuse of Power”, “Falsification of Documents”.

Names of 9 arrested in Durres:

Arben Isaku

Rruxhdi xheka

Klajdi Lame

Albrend Qetka

Defrim Celmani

Nevjana Isufi in hospital.

Kujtim Hasa

Ahmet Doda

Avdullah Osmani is in a trauma hospital in Tirana due to a medical condition

Nevjana Isufi was not present becuase she is in hospital in poor condition health./