Fire in the apartament: 94-year old suffered serious injuries

schedule13:31 - 12 Janar, 2021

schedule 13:31 - 12 Janar, 2021

Flames have engulfed Tuesday afternoon a house in Luz i Vogel village of Kavaja. As a result of the fire, the owner of the apartment, citizen with initials Sh. T., 94 years old has sustained body injuries, the police announced.

After the fire report, the authorities sent the concerned national to the hospital, where he is under the care of the medical staff there.

Meanwhile, the investigation team and the police services are at the scene and work continues to clarify the circumstances of the incident.

“On 12.01.2021, around 12:40, in the village of Luz i Vogël, Kavaja, the dwelling of the citizen Sh. T., 94 years old caught fire. As a consequence of the fire, the citizen Sh. T., who received injuries to the body, was taken to hospital for treatment and is under the care of doctors”, notified the law enforcement./