EU help on Albania, Soreca: By 2021 we will grant another 90 million€

schedule13:45 - 31 Mars, 2021

schedule 13:45 - 31 Mars, 2021

The Ambassador of the European Union to Albania, Luigi Soreca has reacted regarding the assistance that the EU has given for the negative socio-economic consequences of the pandemiv.

Soreca through a post on the social network Twitter writes that with this action the EU, it is on the side of Albanians in the fight against the pandemic and its consequences.

” COVID19 knows no borders: EU stands on the side of Albania and its citizens in these difficult times. This first 90M€ disbursement will contribute to mitigating the severe negative socio-economic consequences of the pandemic, supporting vulnerable categories .

Meanwhile, we recall that Albania is the eighth country to receive a disbursement from the emergency package of Macro Financial Assistance of 3 billion euros for ten partner countries of enlargement and neighborhood, which aims to help them limit the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic../