Dumani: SPAK seized 41 mln euro in one year

schedule10:34 - 22 Maj, 2024

schedule 10:34 - 22 Maj, 2024

The head of SPAK, Altin Dumani is reporting to the Law Commission regarding the annual report of the special prosecution. He said that a total of 41 million euros of assets were seized while adding that the total number of detainees on account of the special prosecution is low.

“Properties worth 41 million euros have been seized.

We are prosecutors, but under no circumstances are we inquisitors. Our job is to investigate, gather evidence and prosecute. Bearing in mind that many of our subjects are officials representing the Albanian state.

The figures are stubborn, since we live with organized crime, today among the most powerful measures in the world, the measure of arrest and imprisonment with our demands only accounts for 49% of the total for which an insurance measure has been requested or not.

The total number of detainees is 2817, and only 237 detainees are on account of SPAK. So they occupy only 8.5%. I repeat that this number is less than 9% of the total,” declared Dumani./abcnews.al