Death of 4 Russians in Kavaja, the prosecution seeks the help of the army

schedule15:25 - 29 Nëntor, 2021

schedule 15:25 - 29 Nëntor, 2021

Investigations into the deaths of four Russian tourists are expected to include the Albanian army. Sources from the Kavaja prosecutor’s office suggest that investigators have some answers from the analysis carried out in the pool of the Gloria Palaca hotel where husbands Sergei and Natali Burenkova, their daughter Ekaterina and son-in-law Nikita Belusov were found dead.

The investigative team is expected to conduct experiments at the pool premises where military laboratory experts will determine if there were any external biological elements or chemical weapons that may have caused the death.

The same sources suggest that the cause of death was asphyxia, but it is still unknown who may have caused it. One of the main clues of the investigation remains asphyxiation from chlorine, but this result has not yet been accurately and scientifically determined. Another suspicion of the investigators remains the malfunction of the ventilation of the pool environment, leading to the asphyxiation of the four Russians.

On the other hand, the Kavaja Prosecutor’s Office has registered investigations into murders in qualifying circumstances, while investigations are also underway in the Russian state, where an autopsy was performed after the bodies of the victims arrived there. The Kavaja Prosecutor’s Office has registered investigations into the criminal offense of murder in qualifying circumstances, as it has administered some evidence and material evidence.