CLC approves the methodology, members declare suspicions of conflict of the interest

schedule12:04 - 12 Nëntor, 2019

schedule 12:04 - 12 Nëntor, 2019

The Supreme Prosecutorial Council approved by 11 votes in favor of the orientation methodology for the evaluation and ranking of candidates for General Prosecutor.

Member Tartar Bazaj gives explanations to the Council , from stating that there is no conflict of interest with Provisional Attorney General Arta Marku.

According to the Law no. 9367/2005: “For the prevention of conflicts of interest for elected persons are appointed or hold public functions ”, which may prevent him or her from participating in the final stages of the process of selecting General Prosecutor candidates.

Mark has given up on reviewing Tartar Bazaj’s file by delegating this competence.

The Council concluded that Ms.Keshi is not in conflict of interest, because it is an administrative act which does not prevent her. Ms. Keshi may participate in the process of scoring candidates for the PP.

With 11 votes in favor, the Council decides that this decision may also be applied  to the case of the Prosecutor nominated for SPAK, Besnik Muçi because he has already accepted a position as a member of the Constitutional Court. /