Business owners protest to extend curfew

schedule12:33 - 14 Korrik, 2021

schedule 12:33 - 14 Korrik, 2021

Business owners in Vlora have come out this Wednesday in a peaceful protest to the Vlora district police. Lungomare businesses have submitted their requests to the district police and they want to transmit these requests to local institutions as well as the government.

Lungomare businesses are asking for the extension of the curfew after 24:00.


Business representatives are calling on police to stop the terror by closing the premises a few minutes before 24:00 and forcing customers to leave. They declare that there is selectivity where the luxury coast like Himara, Dhërmi, Drimadhes is allowed to have music, while the coast of Lungomare is not.

They have addressed a request to the government where they have submitted several demands. This call has been signed by 55 businesses in Vlora where it is expected to increase even more./